Since our establishment in 2000 by a group of young professional engineers, LISSE Engineering Sdn Bhd has emerged and secured a leading position in pressure filtration system. In response to the increased demand in today’s world of filtration technology, we have incorporated ‘innovation’ into our services and vast amount of research to ensure customer satisfaction and success.

In view of higher demand and customers’ need for better quality and higher level performance, we have manufactured our very own brand, ‘LISSE’ filter press-aimed to offer more efficient levels of solid and liquid separation compared to alternative methods.


We create and provide value in our products. We aim to be the leading company in the world of pressure filtration technology, creating and providing increased value to our customers in various industries throughout the world.


In line with our vision, our mission and approach are geared towards providing customers with specially tailored mechanical designs and custom-engineered process components to meet their specific requirements.